• It feels like I have to work SO hard to keep my skin mostly clear
  • I still haven’t found the products that really work for my skin, and even expensive ones don’t help much
  • I don’t have severe acne, but I ALWAYS have something on my face
  • I have tried many OTC treatments including benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, adapalene, antibiotics, retinols, dermatologist prescribed creams, but breakouts always came back
  • I just don’t feel confident in my skin without makeup
  • I always break out at that time of the month, and blemishes take a long time to heal
  • Blackheads, whiteheads and bumpy, congested skin are driving me crazy
  • My skin lacks healthy glow, vibrancy and is aging faster than I think it should!

Keep reading, this will change your skin and maybe even your life.

Today, I want to let you in on a secret. I spent 15 years of my life searching for it, and it might transform not only your skin but your life too.

There is no such product out there in the world that will be enough to clear up your skin on its own.

In fact, chances are, at least one product you are using right now to clear up your skin is actually damaging it.

The secret to clear and glowing skin that STAYS that way during any time of the month, is to let your skin find its healthy balance again.

You know, like your skin was before you were a teenager, before you started using skin care, before you even paid attention to your skin.

To do that, you have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Your diet, your overall health, your skin care, your lifestyle.

And skin care is a big part of that puzzle that MOST people do completely wrong.

I get it. It just isn’t easy making your way through a jungle of the ‘amazing’ products with all their incredible ‘benefits’, and knowing what is actually right for your skin.

Only when the skin care supports healthy and balanced skin by respecting its natural processes, that’s when you’ll discover how clear and glowing your skin can really be.

When you finally bring your skin back to the state of healthy self-maintenance, you will finally be free of that endless search for what works, and what doesn’t.

Let me help you get there.

Who am I?


Over 15 years ago, my acne started to slowly take over my life. Mostly a lot of deep comedones (bumpy skin) that would turn into painful, ugly, cystic acne.

Needless to say, it affected me as a person as well.

I knew there was a beautiful face somewhere underneath, hidden, but I just didn’t feel that way. Not for a long time.

Eventually, my teen acne turned into adult acne. The leftover hyperpigmentation, redness and new breakouts wouldn’t go away no matter how many expensive products I bought, or how many treatments I did…

And the more I did over the years, the more my skin seemed to rebel.

I was always eating healthy and generally leading a healthy lifestyle, and eventually started avoiding ALL acne-causing foods, and I felt that wasn’t the main issue.

But there was something just not right in the whole picture.

I finally decided to take matters into my own hands.

As an active scientist (Bergen, Norway), holding BSc and MSc in Molecular Biology (and currently obtaining a PhD, too), I decided to read every scientific article to discover what really happens to the skin when we apply all of the common skin care advice, especially the one targeted at acne.

It all made sense at first. Digging deeper, however, it became clear just how much damage it does to the skin in the long run.

I was really baffled with how much damage we do simply with our skin care. When done wrong, it makes acne and breakouts worse, it weakens and dulls the skin, and it speeds up aging.

Regardless of how expensive it may be, whether it is natural or not.

That’s when it all clicked for me! Once I slowly started applying my newly acquired knowledge, my skin began healing immediately.

To my utter surprise, it had not only cleared up within 6 months or so, it also became so smooth and glowing!

The ‘Before’ picture below was taken about 5 years ago when my skin already got much better. You can still see a lot of bumps on the T-zone (although the picture is not very good). I don’t really have pictures when my skin was at its worst.

On the right is how my skin mostly looks today (if I don’t eat something I shouldn’t!). No makeup or anything!

Now I want the same for you!

I want to empower you with knowledge enough to be able to look away from flashy marketing, and instead to focus on cultivating healthy skin with radiant shine. Skin that stands out and is healthy and beautiful on its own.

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In radiant skin health,