I know something about you, beautiful lady! You want clear, radiant skin you can feel confident in.

You are probably trying to clear up your diet, cut out acne triggers, and are always trying new products in quest of that unreachable goal called flawless skin.

You dream of the day you can simply wake up, look in the mirror, love what you see, and just move on with your life.

I want to tell you it is possible. Very much so! I am a former acne sufferer (of many years!), but also an active scientist who has spent 15+ years figuring out what really makes the skin look great.

I successfully transformed my skin from sensitive, oily and (very!) acne-prone to skin that doesn’t even need makeup, and now I want to help YOU get there too!


Thank you so much, Sara! You skin care advice actually helps! I started using hemp seed oil as you suggested, and the comedones on my chin have nearly vanished! I thought it was some internal problem I had to fix, but the oil worked like magic.

Lucy A.

I just want to say how beyond thankful I am for giving me your knowledge! It has only been 5 weeks of applying what you have taught me and taking the supplements you suggested, and my skin is SO much better!!!! I am also eating much less (almost none) sugar, dairy, and gluten which I know helps tremendously but just from tweaking my skin care routine, following the steps you explained has done wonders to my skin. I really hope everyone suffering with adult acne finds you and your wealth of knowledge!! I definitely have told friends even without acne because it does wonders!! Thank you thank you thank you…I finally see light at the end of the tunnel of this sudden adult acne.

Emi L.

I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you.