I know your acne and breakouts are driving you insane. You are TIRED of products that never work for your sensitive skin.

That’s how I felt for over a decade, never really being confident in my own skin.

I spent over 15 years of my life trying to understand the root causes of my acne and how the skin really works.

While I wasn’t surprised by how our diet and lifestyle can be acne triggers, I was baffled with how much damage we do simply with our skin care.

Regardless of how expensive it may be, whether it is natural or not.

Only when the skin care supports healthy and balanced skin by respecting its natural processes, that’s when you’ll discover how clear and glowing your skin can really be.


Thank you so much, Sara! You skin care advice actually helps! I started using hemp seed oil as you suggested, and the comedones on my chin have nearly vanished! I thought it was some internal problem I had to fix, but the oil worked like magic.

Lucy A.

Hi Sara! I took your advice and my acne has actually subsided a lot! It’s not completely gone but I notice major improvements and that’s really something. I really can’t believe how much better it has become, just by cutting some of the things I really THOUGHT were “healthy”.

Sarah R.

I just want to say how beyond thankful I am for giving me your knowledge! It has only been 5 weeks of using the oil cleansing you have taught me and taking evening primrose oil as you suggested, and my skin is SO much better!!!! I am also eating much less (almost none) sugar, dairy, and gluten which I know helps tremendously but just from using hemp seed oil, following the steps you explained has done wonders to my skin. I really hope everyone suffering with adult acne finds you and your wealth of knowledge!! I definitely have told friends even without acne because it does wonders!! Thank you thank you thank you…I finally see light at the end of the tunnel of this sudden adult acne.

Emi L.

I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you.